Michael Johns

Michael Johns is an adventure and commercial photographer/cinematographer from Kingsford, Michigan. He graduated from Northern Michigan University and interned with the crew at RGG EDU, creating documentary/tutorials, with professional photographers. During his time at RGG EDU, he also received his Part 107 Certification for commercial drone use. Michael’s drone and gimbal based tools, along with his love for night photography, differentiate him from other professionals. It becomes clear why he is often referred to as a night owl. His unique skill sets and experiences make him well matched with high end productions.

Growing up Michael’s vision always shined through; from sports, to creative writing, and his imagery today. 

"Michael’s keen attention to detail along with his natural ability to learn and understand how things will develop or take shape is unique. Especially when it comes to lighting his night photos. He sure knows what he envisions and how to direct a scene to create the final image he wants. It is something special to watch.”

-Steve Lindberg
(retired teacher/counselor, State Representative 109th District of Michigan and aspiring photographer)

Michael encourages people to never stop exploring and is driven by collaboration. If he isn’t behind a camera or editing he is probably searching for the lens cap he seems to always misplace. 


If you would like to know more about Michael, or follow his work, send him an email or follow him on social media. His friends call him MJ.